Issue 4, 2012

  •  Emilie Jašová, Božena Kadeřábková

Comparing NAIRU and Economic Cycle from the Perspective of Labour Market in the Countries of the Visegrad Group 

  • Ivan Todorov

Macroeconomic Specifics of Integration of Bulgaria into the European Union 

  • Dianko Mintchev

Worth as Integration of Utility and Value 

  • Nina Jankova

Measuring the Changes of Branch Specialization and Territorial Concentration of the Industrial Manufacturing 

  • Galia Taseva

Trade Credit Terms between the Firms in Bulgaria 

  • Lyubomir Lyubenov

A Priori Study of Marketing Innovation Strategies of Agricultural Enterprises in Bulgaria 

  • Yuli Radev

Empirical Analysis of Demand of Natural Gas by Households in Europe