Issue 2, 2022

Issue 2/2022


  • Rupal Chowdhary, Isha Joshi

Economic Growth and Trade Openness: A Case of ASEAN 9 (pp. 3-14)

  • Stefan Petranov, Dimitar Zlatinov, Milen Velushev, Lillyana Georgieva, Radostina Ivcheva

Shadow Economy and Production Factors: Results from an Empirical Analysis with a Panel Data Set (pp. 44-64)

  • Emilia Chengelova, Milena Angelova

Factors Determining the Undeclared Work in Bulgaria (pp. 65-94)

  • Ivanka Mihaylova

Workplace Conflict: Evidence from Bulgaria (pp. 115-136)

  • ­Ihor L. Leonidov, Daria K. Kovalchuk, Valentyna K. Lebedeva, Victor N. Tarasevich

Economic Aspects of Transfer of Educational Technologies at Context of Appropriation of Intellectual Product (pp. 157-172)